At G&H, we deliver more than just services. We offer a partnership for the future, guided by our unwavering values of no harm, integrity, accountability, driving value, enhanced service, and teamwork.

Whether we’re working on Studies, Greenfield or Brownfield projects, G&H leverages an extensive network of industry specialists and consultants to meet client specifications and exceed expectations. Our approach is rooted in precision,

efficiency, and client-focused solutions that are agile and flexible.

Our goal? To transform the EPCM landscape with our vision, mission, and values, driving our stakeholders towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

G&H demonstrates agility and flexibility in managing the entire project lifecycle for all projects. We handle everything from ideation, design, site execution, commissioning, to handover, ensuring on-time completion, budget adherence, and excellent quality standards with zero harm. G&H provides these offerings in most configurations required. Our track record of delivering services to Tier-1 industry frontrunners doesn’t overshadow our commitment to our growing and innovative Tier-2 and Junior clients. We appreciate the distinct requirements of your projects and pledge to offer solutions that are specifically designed for your needs. Collaborating closely, we’re equipped to transform your project ambitions into tangible outcomes, contributing to a brighter future in the mining and processing industry. Our steadfast commitment to providing innovative solutions and exceptional results is our promise to you.


Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) Projects:

G&H brings comprehensive EPCM, from initial design to procurement and construction oversight. This model gives clients increased control and potential cost savings but places the onus on them for successful project delivery.

Pure Project Management:

Over its 35+ year history, G&H has paid its dues and are now industry leaders in delivering complex projects to the highest standards. G&H excels in Project Management, Project Cost Control Management, Project Scheduling, Safety, Health, Environmental, and Quality Management, Engineering and Design, Site Construction Management, Commissioning, Site Materials Management, and Procurement Management.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Projects:

Suitable for large and small projects, this model transfers limited risk onto the client. G&H executes the project phases diligently, delivering the project on time, within budget, and maintaining quality standards, all with zero harm.

Engineered Procurement Services (EPS):

Our EPS services encompasses the strategic integration of engineering, procurement, and related services. We employ our technical prowess to tailor engineering design solutions for our clients aligning with your project specifications. Our professionals navigate vendor selection, contract negotiation, and purchasing, ensuring high-quality materials and services at competitive prices. We manage delivery schedules, quality assurance, logistics, and commissioning ensuring alignment with the project timeline and specifications, including aftermarket support.

Project Studies:

We offer a holistic approach to project studies, from scoping through definition feasibility solutions. We thoroughly assess all the technical, financial, and operational facets of the project, ensuring a robust understanding of its robustness and viability. Whether you’re still in the ideation stage or moving towards execution, our comprehensive studies offer valuable insights to secure confidence in your project’s potential and ultimate success.

Lump Sum Turnkey (LSTK) Projects:

An excellent choice for small, multi-disciplinary projects, this model limits client risk and exposure to complexity. G&H manages the full project execution, supplying labor, materials, and equipment to complete the project at an agreed lump sum price. We ensure on-time completion, budget compliance, top-notch quality, and zero harm.


3D Scanning and Modelling Services:

Our team utilizes advanced technology to perform 3D Scanning on various plants, converting these scans into 3D models across different CAD platforms. This service streamlines revisions on drawings, identifies design phase clashes, and facilitates the introduction of new technology into an existing plant model.

Product Development (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer - BOOT):

G&H takes on product development projects under the BOOT model, further showcasing our commitment to innovating within the industry and commitment to partnering.

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