Our Company

At G&H Consulting Engineering we pride ourselves on being more than an engineering entity, we have been a trusted partner in the engineering and construction industry since 1985. As our core values are intertwined in the heart of our operations, passionately craft reliable and socially responsible solutions through the concerted efforts of our highly skilled team. We’re your strategic partner, always ready to go the extra mile to ensure your project’s success.

Our Vision

An empowering company committed to enhancing value through a culture of service excellence

Our Mission

At G&H, we strive to exceed the needs of the engineering and construction industry by delivering innovative and efficient solutions by design, configuration, implementation and/or operation. We achieve this by leveraging experience, dedicated centers of excellence, appropriate technology, knowledge, applications, trusted partners, and a commitment to operational excellence in a sustainable manner. We pursue success to maximize our clients’ value and generate wealth for shareholders and a vibrant company to benefit employees and communities in which we operate. We do this across Africa and beyond.

Our Demographics and Sectors

Our services are not confined within the borders of Sub-Saharan Africa, and extend across multiple sectors such as mining, smelting, processing, environmental, construction, among others, demonstrating our flexibility and adaptability.

The Distinct G&H Advantage

Embodying a fusion of innovation, adaptability, and integrity, G&H stands as a symbol of industry-leading expertise in the EPCM landscape. Our flexible medium-sized enterprise prides itself on a dedicated team of specialists, all working together under a culture driven by our core values.

Our ethos is rooted in a deep-seated commitment to elevating value through a culture of exceptional service. With every stride we take, we maintain our dynamic adaptability and innovative prowess. This positions us at the forefront of new technologies, ready to harness our wealth of experience for your benefit, making G&H a truly empowering partner in the engineering and construction industry.

But what truly sets G&H apart as an EPCM service provider is our unique and established 100% female BEEE status within the industry and our commitment to delivering cost-effective and predictable solutions.

G&H Value Chain


Jennifer Bokwa

Shirley Arundale

Executive Members

Werner Roberts

Business Development Manager

Bennie de Villiers

Engineering Manager

Megan Baker

Finance Manager

Beulah van Niekerk

HR Manager

Our People